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Busy busy busy

Well things around here have been busy to say the least. This summer isn't looking much better. Between work and trying to catch kaleb up in school I'm going to have a full plate. He's got 9 days of school left.

He's going to be going to the second grade. We had a meeting with his teacher and assistant principal a couple weeks ago. I asked for the meeting because I was concerned about how he has been doing. They said he's on grade level and math is a struggle for him. We moved him up to tier 2 in math so he gets intervention time 3 times a week (it's usually 1 on 1 but can be up to 3 on 1 depending upon the amount of students needing intervention). Then every 2 weeks a panel meets (teacher, principal, counselor, interventionalist, and a couple other staff members) to review his work to see how he's doing. If he continues to struggle, then he will go to tier 3 and that is the level that they recommend testing for special needs. His teacher and assistant principal just feel that he fell behind when we were getting his ADHD testing done and getting him started on medicine and with the help of the interventionalist we will figure out where he's behind and get him caught up.

This summer were going to do a workbook (similar to what would be used in homeschooling) and hopefully he won't loose as much over the summer.

We've also requested a specific teacher for next year. Aaron runs the scoreboard for the high school soccer team when he can and kaleb is the ball boy (when he wants to) and the coach is a 2nd grade teacher at his school so we think that relationship would help him out (he really likes and respects coach).




June 2014

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